*Mrs T Brady* (bostonbebe) wrote in celebysightings,
*Mrs T Brady*

LA Weekly...

Trailing behind my ass this morning was Kirsten Dunst with her super blonde bob, rollling in a tannish range rover.

Last night I went to see Russell Peters at the Laugh Factory (hilarious!!!). Gene Simmons, minus the makeup, was there with his wife, Shannon Tweed. How cool is that to see such a legend? I had no clue he was of Israelan descent (or so I'm told).

Over the weekend, I saw Esobar from Nip/Tuck. He is one scary lookin' dude. I also saw Holly Robinson while costume shopping. Guess she's no longer hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

A week ago, I walked straight into a sleek and lean Carson Daly. He's aiming to host a new show of ours. I heard Magic Johnson and Neve Campbell are all in talks for their own as well.

There always seems to be a sighting at California Chicken Cafe. All the WB stars practically live there. Too bad Clark and Lana don't film Smallville here instead of Vancouver.

I always carry a camera in my bag. Just a habit, like picking my nose and scratching my dandruff out. I don't know who would be the ultimate celebrity sighting for me. I've seen my Tom Brady and Jay Chou and all I can do is clam up and feign their existence. Man, I've gots to find me some new hobbies...
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