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Vince Vaughn

I was working at Arlington Racetrack in Arlington Heights, IL this summer when I heard my boss on her walkie talkie with another manager in another part of the track that he was dining in. He's from the Chicago area so he goes to the track a lot because I guess he is a fan of horse betting.

I got so excited because my younger sister is in love with him, but I knew I couldnt just walk into the resturant and bust in on his privacy. An hour or so later I was looking at the TV that shows the announcer in the Paddock and who was sitting right next to her? Vince! I knew exactly where they were so I walked REALLY fast to get there. There was a fence surrounding the grass where they were sitting but large crowds have gathered to see him -mostly teenagers screaming lines from his movies like "EARMUFFS!"

Anyways, so when he got up to leave I knew where he was walking so I went over there and he came by me and shook my hand, saying "Hi how are you doing." Yeah I was so starstruck I couldnt say anything back LOL. He is really tall in real life and to be honest, not as cute as he is in the movies. He looks older and has bags under his eyes. Dont get me wrong, he is still cute, just not the same as in the movies -OBVIOUSLY.

Jen wasnt with him because it was during the time they were still denying rumors they were a couple and I remember it was a couple weeks before Wedding Crashers came out.
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