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Hi. First let me say that if this isn't allowed here, I'm sorry. But since you're all interested in acting, I thought you might like to know that DW Moffett (star of "Thirteen", "Traffic" and the WB series, "For Your Love") has just gotten an LJ. DW is interested in learning more about blogging and the Internet in general, and I've told him that this is a good place to do that. He's dw_moffett and he's there to answer questions or chat or anything. He's also got a new series that will be on the new CW network this fall called "Hidden Palms". It's a Kevin Williamson project (the guy who created Dawson's Creek).

Also, the director of DW's most recent movie, jeff_phelps is new on LJ too. He's acted in several movies and the project he worked on with DW, Special Ed is on Blockbuster shelves now. He can tell you a lot about acting, directing and writing.

So feel free to stop by either of these guys LJs and say hi, friend them and ask them all about the business if you like.

I'm x-posting this a lot, so I apologize if your flist ends up with a lot of this news, but I'm trying to spread the word and give them both a nice LJ welcome.

Thanks everyone!
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