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Agyness Deyn replaces Angelina Jolie

is replaced by as the face of Japanese cosmetics giant “Shiseido”, FemaleFirst reported lately.

Jolie has been the brand’s face since 2006. Deyn is due to join the campaign this fall for Fall 2008 Maquillage launch.

The Wanted star was also dropped by fashion house St. John last month after her three-year contract with the company, according to the source.

Guess Jolie is not really disappointed. She’s gonna be really busy soon changing diapers for her twins.

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Want to go to Mighty Mic?

FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE (Students, Faculty, and all community members) ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - LINEUP AT BETWEEN 4:00 - 6:00 PM IN FRONT OF ACKERMAN GRAND BALLROOM on the UCLA CAMPUS - $10 Suggested donation - 100% of proceeds are going towards purchasing a mobile clinic!

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Ryan Dunn

I work at Michael's Arts and Crafts store in Exton... which is right next to West Chester. Anywho, Saturday was a busy day but also an interesting one. Ryan Dunn, of "Viva La Bam" and "Jackass" fame was there, and really I didn't even notice it was him until afterwards. I saw him and thought well he does look like him, well a little bit considering I don't watch the shows enough to know, but I asked if he needed help and he said he was alright. Then everytime I saw him after that, I kept joking with him that his cart kept getting bigger and bigger. We had a Family and Friends thing happening that day so I asked someone around if they had an extra one, and luckily someone did. So I was like, hey man, hey I noticed you got a lot of stuff in your cart and figure this could help you out... and he was cool about it and saying thanks a lot and all. Then someone confirm it was him... fun stuff. Anywho, he spent over a thousand dollars and apparently was there for at least 3 hours. Then I heard it took like 45 minutes for him to get rung up, 15 minutes of it was just taking the discount off and then his cards were getting rejected.. poor thing, but then I hear he was saying how he had his own company now and was giving all of his employees i-phones and such. So I wonder if he thought I gave him the discount card because of who he was or not.. but I didn't know until afterwards which is funny stuff.

That's my story.


hey. i'm new but, anyway, I saw Gene Simmons at the Beverly Hills Hotel a few weeks ago... had to help his wife find the bathroom.
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Thomas Ian Nicholas

Thomas Ian Nicholas, star of Rookie of the Year and American Pie fame, was in Hollywood last night at the Knitting Factory to see Tony Lucca & Friends rock the house.

I recognized him immediately andmy friends didn't believe me. But one friend went over and asked him and I got to rub it in my friends faces. :)