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I've lived in LA all of my life and I'm pretty used to seeing famous people. I always write down my random sightings of folks in my journal for fun. For example if I were to see Joanne Woodward fondling Gwyneth Paltrow or Brad Pitt necking with Paul Newman at the Santa Monica Promenade well, then I guess that would be, fun to post. Mostly I just see Meryl Streep eating at Soup Plantation, Michelle Pfeiffer with her kids at the toy store, or Tom Hanks at the dog park. Although I did once see Angeline (not Angelina Jolie, but I did run into her at the airport, she was really sweet) in the produce department at Vincente Foods market. She looked, well, like Angeline, but much older. I heard there were a fleet of Angelines, and that you could rent them if you were so inclined, but this looked like the real deal. And then there's that Dennis Woodruf guy; you know, the "actor" with the painted car and all of the signs. I haven't seen him in a while. Maybe he's tired of being made fun of, who knows.

This group was my friend Di's (funtxldy)idea. I was just posting my latest celebrity sightings in my usual, toss them off kind of way, and she suggested a community, so voila, here it bees. You can write about old sightings, or better yet, brand spanking new one's, but if you're going to be a psycho Live Journaler and make up lies, go play somewhere else, because we've all been burned enough by that, (you know who you are my very fractured friend). Kay? So is it a deal, only real sightings, no matter how boring, and nothing that would hurt someone's career or personal life? Okay, shake.